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Science Has Finally Determined The Most Gruesome Ways To Die

Updated 15 Jan 2020 801.9k views18 items

Most people will, at one point or another, wonder about the worst and most painful ways to die - which includes scientists. But these particular scientists decided to think outside of the box. Through this work, they have realized these excruciating ways to die are incredibly unlikely to happen. Still, they're bound to make anyone cringe.

Scientist Paul Doherty and writer Cody Cassidy sat down to mull over the age-old question of what the worst ways to die might be, and they came up with some improbable - though terrifying - scenarios. Rather than focusing on things like lethal injection or execution by hanging, their answers looked at seemingly impossible or unlikely situations - and the results were gruesome. Other scientists have included more likely scenarios in their considerations, and those are - in some ways - more chilling.

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