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The 11 Most Venomous Animals In The World Ranked By How Quickly They Kill You

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When taking a relaxing walk on the beach, the last thing you want to step on is an animal that will kill you within minutes. But the most venomus animals in the world might do just that. Whether they live in land or sea, a handful of creatures around the world (mostly in Australia) can take your life incredibly quickly. From fish to snakes, there's always something that will take you out just minutes after you realize there's something there at all. How fast can animal venom kill? That depends. Whether you can survive venomous animal attacks depends on how quickly you get care. 

You might be wondering what the common symptoms are when you get stung or bitten by one of these creatures. It usually starts with numbness, then muscle paralysis, eventually followed by either respiratory failure or cardiac arrest. How long that takes depends on the creature, but depending on your luck it could take as long as a few hours... or as little as five minutes. Curious what to expect from the most venomous creatures in the world? Note that these animals are not 'poisonous', but venomous. Poison only kills you if you eat it. Check out our list below so you can be prepared.

  • Photo: Moize Nicolas / Shutterstock

    Puffer Fish

    How Quickly You'll Die: Anywhere from 20 minutes to 24 hours

    It may look kinda cute, but this inflatable nightmare fish carries an incredibly potent toxin called tetrodotoxin. Deadly to humans, tetrodotoxin is 1,200 times more toxic than cyanide. Once you're hit, the toxin will start paralyzing all your muscles, including those in the respiratory system. It then causes brain damage, effectively making you a zombie before ending your life. And if you're wondering, there's no cure. These fish are usually found in the waters of South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. 

    The craziest part of all? You can actually eat puffer fish in Japanese restaurants. At your own risk, of course.

  • Photo: CappaPhoto / Shutterstock

    How Quickly You'll Die: Within 30 minutes

    The king cobra may not have the most powerful venom of all snakes, but you still don't want to go anywhere near it. One bite delivers enough venom to kill 20 people. It can also take down an entire elephant. The venom is a powerful neurotoxin, which will paralyze and eventually asphyxiate you. Typically this deadly animal is found in Southeast Asia and India. 

  • Photo: Hans Gert Broeder / Shutterstock

    Belcher's Sea Snake

    How Quickly You'll Die: 30 minutes

    Belcher's sea snake is actually a very docile snake, but if it bites you, you're in a world of trouble. Native to the Indian Ocean, this snake very rarely attacks humans, but when it does, its venom has the power to end your life in 30 minutes.

    A silver lining? This well-tempered animal only releases venom 25 percent of the time when it bites, meaning if you come into contact with one and get bitten, there's a good chance you'll be just fine.

  • Photo: Ken Griffiths / Shutterstock

    Inland Taipan

    How Quickly You'll Die: 30-45 minutes

    Considered the most venomous snake in the world, the inland taipan (which is found in Australia) evolved to become lethal to anything with warm blood. Its venom is perfect for taking out any mammal, with a single bite having enough toxin to kill at least 100 people. It's literally 50 times more toxic than the next most venomous snake, the king cobra. Fortunately, this guy isn't considered the most deadly snake on the planet thanks to its reclusive nature - meaning it doesn't come into contact with many humans.