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The Most Poisonous Creatures In The Sea

The open ocean is one of the most terrifying and unforgiving habitats on the planet. It is a brutal home, one that has shaped many of its inhabitants into formidable creatures. With so many dangerous animals lurking beneath the waves, a sort of biological arms race is in effect between predators and prey. After millions of years of evolution, there are now dozens of species of poisonous fish, sea snakes, and other ocean life that could seriously ruin a scuba diving vacation. 

The most poisonous sea animals in the world are as diverse as they are deadly. Every animal on this list is poisonous, not to be confused with all the venomous marine life in the ocean. The key difference is the delivery method, as venomous creatures actively inject their toxins while poisonous animals transfer their poisons only when touched or eaten. It's a small but important distinction, one that can be the difference between life and death in the wild. These are all of the most poisonous animals in the sea, and they make the ocean a more dangerous place to visit.