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16 Classy Villains Who Don't Let Evil Get In The Way Of Good Manners

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The old adage goes, "You catch more flies with honey." This is as true for normal relationships as it is for villains who want to take over the world. So many villains these days are all full of venom in both their words and actions. What happened to being polite while carrying out brutal massacres and committing horrendous crimes? What we're asking is why do villains in film and TV have to be so frumpy all the time?

Polite villains don't come in one shape or size. There's the gentleman rogue, a criminal who respects the rules of antagonists and protagonists and never deviates from them. Then there's the classic type who brings his foe into a castle or a palace or whatever and makes them feel at home before laying out his whole plan. More classy villains exist in film and TV than you think, but which one of these baddies has the most class?