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What People Are Getting Drunk Off Of In Each State

Updated 14 Apr 2020 196.1k views15 items

You may have your go-to poison, but does it align with the favorite booze in your state? While the stars may suggest there is a perfect alcoholic drink for your zodiac sign, social media analysis shows your beverage of choice, and how much you drink,  may be influenced by where you live. 

The social app BARTRENDr collected data from 700,000 users to investigate the most popular alcohol by state, and some of the results may surprise you. Of course, Tennessee's favorite liquor is not all that shocking, but who would have pegged Connecticut as a stronghold for Patrón sippers? 

Obviously, any time you drink you should probably eat, as well. So you might as well pair your quintessential cocktail with the most popular food from your state

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