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What Was The Most Popular Anime Series The Year You Were Born?

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When people get nostalgic for anime from years past, they tend to reflect on their gateway series and the era in which they first discovered the style. While it's easy to think back on that period as the best year for anime, the industry has been going strong for decades, and you'll likely be surprised by the popular anime that debuted the year you were born. 

It's difficult to recall the months surrounding your own birth, so many people don't remember how big anime was during their birth year. If your parents are anime fans, they were likely watching many of these popular series while you were napping and learning how to sit up. 

If you haven't seen the anime that gained fame during the year of your birth, you may want to check it out, as doing so will give you a better understanding of anime history. 

  • 1975 — A Dog Of Flanders

    Nello Tarth is an orphan who grows up to be an artist. He struggles with daily poverty, but always manages to keep his beloved dog by his side. This heartwarming anime, which is adapted from Marie Louise de la Ramée's 1872 novel, is no longer as popular as it once was.

    However, some still appreciate its historical value and charming art style.

  • 1976 — Candy Candy

    Life is pretty rough for Candy. She's orphaned at a young age, then adopted into a home filled with mean-spirited girls. Things seem hopeless, until she meets a mysterious boy who changes her life forever.

    Candy Candy is a comforting anime that's sure to churn up nostalgia for those who saw it as children.

  • 1977 — Lupin The Third Part II

    Lupin the Third follows the adventures of Arsene Lupin III, the greatest thief on Earth, who pulls capers along with Daisuke Jigen,  Fujiko Mine and Goemon Ishikawa XIII. As they travel the world in search of challenging heists, they are pursued by the bumbling Inspector Zenigata.

    Though the first season of Lupin the Third aired in 1971, it was - like the source manga - dark, gritty, and at times uncomfortable to watch. In contrast to this, the second season of Lupin the Third features a much more playful tone, and it first introduced the world to the goofy mastermind who's beloved today. 

  • 1978 — Future Boy Conan

    After a high-powered magnetic device rips the Earth apart, most of humanity is intensely eviscerated. A single spaceship manages to survive the devastation, and it lands on a small island. One year later, a young boy is born.

    This boy represents the first step towards rebuilding the world's population. 


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