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The Most Popular Breakfast Foods In Every State, According To Google

April 9, 2020 36.2k views44 items

What exactly is the most popular breakfast in every state? Some states want something savory in the morning like bacon and eggs. Other places want to wake up in the morning and satiate their sweet tooth with a donut. Are you curious about where your state lands? Luckily for you, Vitagene has collected data from every state to figure out what precisely people are eating in the morning. 

The information on this list was gathered from Google search data to see what breakfast foods people are looking up the most. There are some interesting broad trends to be gathered, such as the most popular breakfast item in the western United States is chilaquiles. Meanwhile, people in the South prefer something sweeter in the morning with the most popular breakfast dishes being donuts, waffles, and biscuits. You can tell a lot from a state by what they eat for breakfast, so see what your state is eating a lot of.