The Most Popular Cereal In Every State, According To Google

Have you ever wondered what is the most popular cereal in every state? Well, wonder no more because the good folks over at Food & Wine have gone through the trouble of finding out what people from each state like to munch on each morning. Through an analysis of Google searches over the course of 12 months, some interesting findings can be made. For example, did you know the most popular breakfast cereal by far is Oreo O's, which holds the number one spot for a whopping 14 states? Sorry, Lucky Charms fans, but it looks like old Lucky didn't claim a single spot.

You will find plenty of classic cereals on this list as well from Kix to Life. You'll be amazed at the sheer volume of cereals people have at their disposal, but do you have a particular favorite? See how your taste matches up with the rest of your state in the list below. The best cereal by state may be up to personal taste, but it's interesting nonetheless to see what people like to wake up to. 

Ranked by
  • Alabama



  • Alaska


    Oreo O's

  • Arizona


    Oreo O's

  • Arkansas


    King Vitamin