The Most Sought-After Christmas Toy Every Year Since 2000, Ranked By Ridiculousness

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Movies like Jingle All The Way and yearly battles to find the most popular Christmas toys during Black Friday have taught us that people go crazy for crazy gifts. Every holiday season, one toy, gadget, or gizmo tops the list as the most popular. In hindsight, however, after the frenzy has died down, some of these just must-have toys are, well, pretty ridiculous.

Over the years, favorite toys have leaned toward the technical as kids chose the latest digital gadget over a Tickle Me Elmo doll (but see 2003: Hokey Pokey Elmo). Since 2000, popular toys have become more complicated - and costly. But one thing has stayed the same: parents are still storming Walmart and Best Buy the day after Thanksgiving or on Christmas Eve to get their hands on what's hot.