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The Quintessential Cocktail From Your State

Updated 17 Apr 2020 29.6k views51 items

What is the most popular cocktail by state? Some of these are pretty obvious. Everyone is going to try a Mint Julep if they’re in Kentucky during Derby season. But who knew that Wisconsinites consume half of the world’s brandy supply, simply based on their love of one drink? 

This roundup is all about the mixed drink. We may automatically think of wine when we hear about California’s alcohol consumption, or beer when we're heading through Colorado. But all of these beverages contain at least two ingredients mixed together to create a concoction good enough for a whole state to get behind.

These may not be the “official” cocktails of every state, but they're definitely the drinks that you have to try if you go to these places. Here is every state's signature cocktail.

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