What Was The Most Popular Commercial The Year You Were Born?

Commercial jingles are created to be catchy, so it's no wonder that people can be heard repeating certain phrases for years on end - in some cases, decades! The classic Meow Mix song and even Bounty's "quicker picker upper" tag premiered in the '60s and '70s and are still being used today. But because commercials and their catch phrases transcend time, it's interesting to see when company taglines were created. Oftentimes, the year those jingles first aired on TV is the year it dominated all other marketing campaigns. 

So which commercial was the biggest the year you were born? Was it the Oscar Meyer jingle, Cindy Crawford chugging a Pepsi, or a chihuahua asking for Taco Bell? See which commercial was the most popular the year you were born and if you still remember it.