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The Most Popular Female Vampires in Anime

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While male vampires are aplenty, female vampires continue to fascinate many manga and anime fans. Some female vampires have their own mystique and appeal, although it is mainly for satisfying male desires. Here are some of the most popular female anime vampire characters. 
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    She is the titular female lead in Rosario + Vampire. Pink-haired Moka's real personality is actually sealed away by a cross necklace she wears. When she needs to fight, the male lead Tsukune can take away the cross and unseal the white-haired true personality, who is a powerful fighting vampire. She helps Tsukune deal with being the only human in a school full of monsters. 

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  • Saya in Blood: The Last Vampire is a blade-toting warrior who hunts chiropterans, vampires that turn into vicious and powerful flying creatures. In Blood+, she is a chiropteran queen, one of twins, the other twin, Diva, being evil. But her blood is the only thing that can stop chiropterans from threatening the world. 
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    Yuki Cross

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    A leading student in the Cross Academy, she later discovers that she is a pureblood vampire. She has to deal with many enemies, including one lover who is a vampire hunter and her own brother. 
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    In Hellsing, Seras is a British female police officer who was attacked by a vampire. Alucard chooses to make her his fledgling before she dies. She becomes a powerful vampire, joining the Hellsing organization and helping rid the world of vampire threats.

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