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The Most Popular Food In Each State, According To People Who Actually Live There

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What food you eat can be as much of a signifier of local pride as wearing a beloved sports team's jersey. Ask residents of any American state, and they'll likely have a strong opinion on what dish exemplifies their region. Arkansas locals might champion their catfish, while Washington prefers salmon. And then there's New York – you guessed it, it's all about the pizza there.

People have strong opinions on their home states, whether they're debating the best TV show or film set there or praising the talents of their preferred home-grown actor. And when it comes to each state's signature foods, it's best to listen to the actual residents voicing opinions on Reddit. These popular dishes may not be official state foods, but they might as well be.

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    New York – Pizza

    "Pizza and bagels, walk into a pizzaria and get a slice it is AMAZING and pizza from anywhere else cant compare." – Redditor /u/swilson19

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    Pennsylvania – Cheesesteak

    Redditor /u/Kell08

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    Texas – Brisket

    "Basically if it's fried or barbecued then we have it! I would definitely recommend some brisket. No matter where you go in Texas you'll find a place that specializes in brisket." – Redditor /u/Cameronp2016

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    Maryland – Crab

    "Crabs and Old Bay.....Old Bay on everything." – Redditor /u/The_Phish

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    Maine – Lobster Bake

    Redditor /u/thetactlessknife

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    Wisconsin – Fried Cheese Curds

    Wisconsin – Fried Cheese Curds

    "Fried cheese curds, beer battered." – Redditor /u/kornkobcom

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    Nebraska – Steak

    "Well Nebraska has the best steaks in the nation." – Redditor /u/TheHotze

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    North Carolina – Pulled Pork

    "Vinegar based pulled pork barbecue." – Redditor /u/cgbish

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    Louisiana – Crawfish

    Redditor /u/Hornsounder

  • 10
    Tennessee – Ribs

    "Ribs, wet and dry. BBQ in general. Also Jack Daniels." – Redditor /u/TheGiantLebowski

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    Illinois – Deep Dish Pizza

    Illinois – Deep Dish Pizza

    "Illinois will bring deep dish pizza! And a heart attack." – Redditor /u/Donthatethaplaya

  • 12
    Missouri – Barbecue

    "Missouri brings BBQ, maybe burnt ends. because Kansas City had the best barbique [sic] in the world." – Redditor /u/Theskillagod

  • 13
    Kansas – Barbecued Pork

    "Kansas definitely should be pork barbeque specifically." – Redditor /u/daniel_hlfrd

  • 14
    Arizona – Mexican Food

    Redditor /u/shecantstayaway

  • 15
    Massachusetts – Clam Chowder

    Redditor /u/deannd

  • 16
    Mississippi – Fried Catfish

    Mississippi – Fried Catfish

    "Fried catfish from the Delta." – Redditor /u/ashhole613

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    Minnesota – Jucy Lucy

    Minnesota – Jucy Lucy

    "Jucy Lucy (I know i spelled Juicy wrong, that is just how it is.) If you don't know, it is basically a burger with cheese inside." – Redditor /u/MrGCar

  • 18
    Vermont – Maple Syrup And Donuts

    "Maple syrup (sugar on snow) with pickles and homemade donuts." – Redditor /u/poohspiglet

  • 19
    Oregon – Berries

    "Berries. That's really all we've got, but we really do have the best strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and marionberries. So yeah... we make some good pies I guess." – Redditor /u/stupid_sexyflanders

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    Nevada – Casino Buffet

    Nevada – Casino Buffet

    "All you can eat casino buffet." – Redditor /u/o6ijuan

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    South Dakota – Bison Burger

    South Dakota – Bison Burger

    Redditor /u/Bassoon_Commie

  • 22
    Georgia – Chicken And Waffles

    Georgia – Chicken And Waffles

    "Look, I know we have a lot to offer but the most unique of all of them is Chicken & Waffles. We'll cook up a batch of lemon pepper wings just for us too." – Redditor /u/Grazedaze

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    Virginia – Ham

    "Any type of ham. The occasional warm country ham biscuit w/ either mayo or mustard." – Redditor /u/Eapoe18

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    New Mexico – Green Chile

    New Mexico – Green Chile

    "New Mexico here, and the state food item is definitely Green Chile, its put on just about everything around here. The best is grown in the Hatch area, and will be labeled as such. If you want a meal centered around Green Chile, look for a Green Chile stew, made with pork." – Redditor /u/RoyalTease

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    Washington – Salmon

    "With weed butter." – Redditor /u/radpandaparty

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