The Most Popular Instagram Influencers Of 2018

UPDATED: Check out the most popular Instagram influencers of 2019! 

Here is a list of the most influential Instagram influencers of 2018. Social media has become a powerful tool over the last few years, and Instagram is no exception. Leading fashion brands, tech companies, and just about any other industry often turn to Instagram as a main part of their marketing strategies.

Moreover, these companies utilize the most popular influencers - fitness models, foodies, etc. - with thousands and even millions of followers to reach their target audience, and it's working quite well. In fact, even celebrities on Instagram can be influencers. Of course, choosing the appropriate (and popular) influencer is an important part of the process, and there's plenty to choose from. 

So, who are the most popular Instagram influencers of 2018? Whether you're seeking fashionistas, the aforementioned fitness models, or famous social media celebs, the list of top accounts below will help you find the right influencer. Whether it's a new venture you're launching or simply need some motivation, these social media gurus can go a long way.

Check out most popular Instagrammers below and cast a vote up or down for the very best. Feel free to also add any you don't see on the list. 

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