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The Most Popular LGBTQIA+ Video Game Characters Of All Time

We are ranking the best and most popular LGBTQIA+ video game characters of all time! The LGBTQ representation in video games has grown exponentially over the previous decades. Publishers and developers are pushing harder and harder than ever to include LGBTQ characters in video games to ensure that everyone from every walk of life feels and is properly seen. Everything from gay video game characters, bisexual video game characters, trans video game characters, and every walk of LGBTQ video game characters are included in meaningful and important ways in the industry.

These aren't just specifically aimed as the best LGBTQ games anymore, but instead focus on telling some of the most heartfelt, important, and frankly best stories in video game history. Some of the biggest and most well regarded franchises like Dragon Age, Mass Effect, The Last of Us, Cyberpunk and Assassin's Creed all showcase wonderful characters who are in the LGBTQ community, without pigeonholing them into stereotypical roles, and allow them to just be individuals. 

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