The Most Popular Mobile Games Of 2021

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We're ranking the most popular mobile games of 2021! Featuring both free games and paid games, this list of the most popular mobile video games includes puzzle games, multiplayer battle royales, strategy games, tower defense games, fighting games, RPGs, and sports games. What are the top 10 video games on mobile apps of 2021?

Candy Crush, Fortnite, Pokémon Go, and Clash of Clans are still currently some of the best-selling games on mobile. Other good games on mobile trending now include Among UsPUBG, Genshin Impact, and Minecraft.

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Most divisive: Clash Royale
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  • PUBG Mobile
    20,008 votes
    • Genres (Video game): Battle royale

    PUBG Mobile has set the bar high with its riveting battlefield story, dropping you into a detailed 3D map with 99 other players, in a survival test of strategy and skill. The game boasts an impressive array of weapons and a fully-fledged ballistics system, delivering a unique blend of tension and excitement. Its colossal impact has seen it become a cultural phenomenon across the globe, notably with international PUBG mobile tournaments offering hefty prizes.

  • Call of Duty: Mobile
    12,674 votes
    • Genres (Video game): Shooter

    Call of Duty: Mobile wraps a gritty war narrative around fluid first-person shooter gameplay, appealing to both competitive and casual players. With maps and modes straight from the franchise's history, it brings a console-quality experience to your pocket. Reigniting the flame of the classic series, it's proving that 'old soldiers never die', with millions of downloads and countless accolitive reviews.

  • Among Us
    5,790 votes
    • Genres (Video game): Party video game, survival video game

    Among Us puts a sci-fi twist on the classic murder mystery narrative, creating a unique social deception game that's taking the world by storm. Gameplay entails doing tasks around a spaceship, whilst investigating or perpetuating ongoing sabotage. It has exploded in popularity since its release, taking its place as a staple for online parties and a regular feature on popular gaming streams.

  • Clash Royale
    9,462 votes
    • Genres (Video game): Real-time strategy

    Clash Royale combines elements of tower defense, card games, and MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) in a vibrant online battlefield story. The gameplay is about outsmarting your opponent with tactical plays and synergistic card combinations. Its creative mash-up of gaming genres has garnered a dedicated player base and cascaded a new era of mobile competitive play.

  • Brawl Stars
    4,857 votes
    • Genres (Video game): MOBA, Hero shooter

    Brawl Stars offers a zany universe splashed with colorful characters and a variety of game modes. From team battles to solo survival, the gameplay keeps players constantly strategizing and adapting. It's a fast-paced, cartoony slugfest that's left a sizable dent on the mobile gaming landscape, revitalizing the MOBA genre for mobile players.

  • Genshin Impact
    2,961 votes
    • Genres (Video game): Action role-playing game, Open world

    Genshin Impact is an open-world adventure game that takes you on an epic quest in a vast fantasy world, Teyvat. Its signature gameplay combines traditional RPG elements with action-packed combat and exploration, underscored with a slick elemental system. The game has made quite a splash, making waves in the anime and gaming community and breaking records with its insane revenue generation.