The Most Popular Native American Comic Book Heroes

Gone are the days of cowboys are the heroes and Native Americans are the bad guys. Thanks to historical research, we know that Native Americans are the good guys too. While there is a growing number of Native American heroes, they remain a minority among the white-dominated rosters of superheroes. Let's look at the most well-known examples of these.

  • Dani Moonstar of the New Mutants started out young, but grew up in superheroics and is now a mentor for younger mutants. She also has the power of the Valkyrie. Thus, she makes an odd mixup of Norse Mythology and Native American legend.

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    Photo: DC Comics
    Dawnstar is from a planet that Native Americans have colonized in the future. Like her people, she has wings that allow her to fly. She is of the Anasazi tribe, and also has excellent tracking and navigation skills. She becomes a member of the Legion of Superheroes. 
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    James Proudstar is an Apache who was once with the Hellions. His older brother, John, code-named Thunderbird, died during one of the second X-Men team's missions (the second team was where Storm, Colossus and others first appeared). He was resentful against the X-Men over his older brother's death. However, he changes his views and later joins X-Force. His powers, like his older brother's, are enhanced physical capabilities and senses that enable him to fight with great skill. He can also fly.
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    Alpha Flight's resident Shaman is a member of the Sarcee tribe. Aside from traditional shaman magic, he owns a bag from which he can get any object he needs, such as magical objects and potions for healing.
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    American Eagle

    One of the more patriotically themed Native Americans, American Eagle is a Navajo man named Jason Strongbow. He drives a motorcycle with the American flag on it. His powers are similar to Warpath's, enhanced strength, speed, stamina and senses, thanks to a mutation caused by the powers of the supervillain Klaw.

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    More than a mutant version of Freddie Mercury, Forge has the power to invent things. He was an ally of the X-Men and X-Force, although he had also worked for the U.S. government creating certain inventions, such as anti-mutant weapons. One of these devices stripped the X-Man Storm of her abilities for a while. He is from the Cheyenne tribe.
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