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The Most Popular Real-Time Strategy Video Games Right Now

Gamer strategists everywhere, we're ranking the most popular real-time strategy games in 2020. These are mostly new real-time strategy games that people are playing, but that doesn't mean popular classics can't pop up on the list either. These current real-time strategy games are ranked by your votes, so be sure to vote up all the strategy games that you've enjoyed.

For players who enjoy starting from the ground up before engaging in a massive campaign of warfare, you might want to check out Frostpunk. The game is a city-building survival real-time strategy game that challenges players with limited resources and consistent threats. And if you're looking for something different, check out Clash Royale. The game combines multiple gameplay elements, including collectible card games, tower defense, and it also features a multiplayer online battle arena.

Vote up the best real-time strategy games everyone should be playing in 2020, and be sure to check back later as new real-time strategy titles are added to this list.

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