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The Most Popular Superhero Teams By Comic Book Appearances

Here are the superhero teams who have the most appearances in comics, which also makes them the most popular superhero groups in comic book history. Featuring Marvel, DC, and more, the most published superhero groups also includes supervillain teams, such as Sinister Six and the Brotherhood of Mutants. Make sure to also check out the most published individual superheroes and villains

From the X-Men to the Suicide Squad, the most published superhero teams do not always feature the most popular comic characters. You probably assume superteams like the Avengers and Justice League have the most comic book appearances, but seeing the Inhumans higher than the Guardians of the Galaxy might surprise even the most hardcore comic book fans. Several less famous superhero duos and groups, like Cloak and Dagger and the Defenders, now have their own TV shows. 

Which comic book teams and groups appear most frequently in comic books? Check out which superhero groups have the most comic book appearances below!