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The Most Popular Survival Horror Video Games Right Now

For those who love feeling creeped out and tense for hours on end, we're ranking the most popular survival horror games right now in 2020. These are mostly new survival horror games that people are playing, but that doesn't mean popular classics can't pop up on the list either. These current survival horror games are ranked by your votes, so don't be shy about expressing your opinion about each game by voting it up or down.

Who said that indie games can't be scary? Darkwood is a top-down survival horror game that features a brilliant day and night cycle that really ratchets up the tension when the sun goes down. Of course, ,the survival horror game people are playing right now is the remake of Resident Evil 2, a masterful horror game that reminds you how great Capcom is at creating terrifying experiences in the virtual world. There's also Call of Cthulhu, a short but sweet survival horror title that will freak you out as it tell it's Lovecraftian story.

Vote up the best survival horror games everyone should be playing in 2020, and check back for updates as new survival horror titles are relased throughout the year.

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    • Genres (Video game): Survival horror, indie
    • Genres (Video game): Survival horror
    • Genres (Video game): Survival horror
    • Genres (Video game): Survival horror
  • The Forest
    • Genres (Video game): Survival

    The Forest is a survival video game developed and published by Endnight Games. The game takes place on a remote, heavily forested peninsula where the player character Eric Leblanc and his son Timmy are survivors of a plane crash

    • Outlast 2
      • Genres (Video game): Survival horror
      • Genres (Video game): Survival horror
    • Hunt: Showdown

      Hunt: Showdown

      Hunt: Showdown is a first-person shooter survival horror video game published by Crytek. The game is set in the late 1890s, and details the hunters who take down various monsters that have since overrun the world.

    • Observer
      • Genres (Video game): Psychological horror
        • Genres (Video game): Survival
      • We Happy Few
        • Genres (Video game): Action-adventure, Survival, Horror
      • Agony
      • Darkwood
        • Genres (Video game): Survival horror
      • Vampyr
        • Genres (Video game): Action role-playing
        • Genres (Video game): Adventure, Survival, Horror
      • Witch Hunt

        Witch Hunt


        Witch Hunt is a challenging horror themed hunting game that takes place in the 18th century. Main focus of the game is on exploration, non-linearity, and atmosphere.

      • Remothered: Tormented Fathers

        Remothered: Tormented Fathers

        Remothered: Tormented Fathers is a 2018 survival horror video game developed by Italian studio Stormind Games and published by Darril Arts for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows, both developed and set in Italy.

      • Dreadout 2
        • Genres (Video game): Survival, Horror
      • MADiSON
        • Genres (Video game): First-person, Psychological horror, Survival, Horror, Indie
        • Genres (Video game): Action, Role-playing game, Survival, Horror, Zombie
        • Genres (Video game): Survival Horror, Multiplayer
      • Back 4 Blood
        • Genres (Video game): First-person shooter, Survival, Horror, Zombie
      • GTFO
        • Genres (Video game): Action, Adventure, Survival horror, Shooter, Multiplayer