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The Most Popular TV Shows Of The 1970s

Updated 17 Sep 2020 2.9k views20 items

The 1970s were a time of turmoil, change, and challenges, all of which were reflected in the television of the time.

During that era, there were only three networks, as streaming was yet to be imagined, and cable had yet to meet a broader market. Shows were so uniformly watched that they were discussed in school halls and at office water coolers the next day. It was a decade in which television found its voice, as shows began dealing with controversial topics that were previously verboten. Similarly, there were series that existed for sheer entertainment that took place in different time periods or were more family-oriented. 

Despite the difference in offerings, '70s television was so iconic it influenced not only the future of small screen offerings, but film, music, and pop culture around the world. The best TV shows the Me Decade had to offer encompassed all these things and more. 

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