The Most Popular YouTubers Of 2018

UPDATED: Check out the most popular YouTubers of 2019

Much like social media platforms, YouTube has become a Leviathan within the world wide web - and the top channels are making some serious bank. No joke, the most popular YouTubers of 2018 and those of years past are making millions from the video-sharing site. Of course, it's all about having millions of subscribers - and these top subscribed YouTubers really had to make something of themselves to get this far. Once they have, they're simply creating videos, posting them on their channels, popping a couple ads in there, and... voila! Let the money flow in. 

From video gamers like PewDiePie to beauty vloggers such as Yuya, the top channels on YouTube consist of virtually anything. Then you have the more typical channels, like those making prank videos, sketch comedy, product reviews, and so much more. You name it, there's a top-ranking channel for it. Even the worst YouTubers are capable of making some dough. So, who are the most popular YouTubers this year? While the most subscribed YouTubers on the list may not be surprising, the amount of money they make surely is. 

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