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The Most Powerful Alternate-Universe Versions Of Superheroes

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We all adore Marvel's Earth-616 and DC's Prime Earth, but alternate versions of superheroes deserve a little love every now and then, too. Yeah, the normal Batman and Superman are pretty formidable, but they don't hold a candle to All-Star Superman or the Batman Who Laughs. And if you thought Wonder Woman was powerful in the mainstream DC universe, check out the Diana Prince of Wonder Woman: Dead Earth

What do you get when you take the morality out of super-geniuses like Reed Richards and Hank McCoy? You get the Maker and Dark Beast, of course. And those guys are evil. If this is all a little garden-variety for you, check out X-Man or Superboy-Prime. You might have to be a major comic book nerd to truly respect the power levels of those two, but trust us... they're seriously no joke. There's plenty more where those came from, so we're putting on our dimension-hopping boots to run through some of the most powerful alternate-universe versions of your favorite heroes.

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    How would you like your Batman to be turned into an evil, heavy-metal goth boy? Apparently, DC Comics readers are into it because the Batman Who Laughs has been all over the place since debuting in 2017's Dark Days: The Casting. And though this sadistic Bruce Wayne from Earth-22, mentally tainted by the Joker toxin, proved his worth as one of the most formidable baddies DC Comics had ever seen upon his debut, it would take him turning into "The Darkest Knight" in Dark Nights: Death Metal for him to become next-level powerful. 

    How powerful was the Darkest Knight? Imagine the abilities of Doctor Manhattan matched with the intellect and dedication of Bruce Wayne scrambled up with the madness of the Joker. He was going to remake the entirety of the DC Multiverse in his own image, and the fact that he could do that at all spells out everything you need to know about his power level. If Wonder Woman hadn't ascended to a god-like status in Dark Nights: Death Metal #7 and managed to slay him, the DC Multiverse would've been reformed into a Dark Multiverse of unending nightmares.

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  • You wanna talk about a bad dude? Let's talk about a bad dude. So, you know how the Hulk is generally very, very strong yet not all that hot in the brain department? The Maestro doesn't have that problem. This Bruce Banner is from an alternate future where nuclear war terminated the vast majority of the Earth's denizens, including the superheroes. And decades of absorbing untold amounts of nuclear radiation has made the Maestro extremely powerful. And he doesn't have that whole mindless Hulk issue, either.

    No, the Maestro is kind of like if Professor Hulk from Avengers: Endgame took super-enhancements and turned evil. He's old. He's angry. He's just a stupid-strong mountain of a man with a genius-level intellect who has zero compunction about causing destruction. He's just about as strong and durable as a being can get in Marvel Comics with hyper-intelligence to match. He ruled over Earth-9200's city of Dystopia with an iron fist and wiped the floor with pretty much anyone who came his way until he perished in 1998's Incredible Hulk #461Of course, the House of Ideas knows a good thing when it has one, and various other versions of the Maestro have appeared in the pages of Marvel Comics from time to time over the years. 

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  • So, the Earth-295 version of Cable, known as Nate Grey or X-Man, is an extremely powerful mutant. Since being introduced in 1995's X-Man #1, Grey has been called everything from "the most dangerous mutant on the planet" to "the most powerful psionic in any reality." He's been described as "a living god," and he kind of lives up to that description. When you're able to create your own pocket dimension, as Nate did in 2019's "Age of X-Man" event, you can effectively be described as a god. 

    Does he have a dumb, X-shaped "genetic tattoo" on his chest? Yes. Does he spend most of his time shirtless like a surfer-bro in the mid-'90s? Yes. Does he constantly struggle with a seeming messiah complex? Of course he does. None of that changes the fact that Nate Grey is next-level powerful. He's also seemingly immortal, as he can apparently recreate his body from the astral plane whenever he wishes to do so. So... maybe he is a god?

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  • Let's just get this out of the way from the jump: Brutally forcing the world into order never works out in the end. Ask Injustice's Superman how that's going for him. This is also something Lord Thor, the Odinson from Earth-3515, had to learn the hard way. Through a series of unfortunate events, this Thor replaced Odin as the king of Asgard. And as Thor stayed away from our planet, his ties to humanity waned, and he became enthralled by the idea of humans worshipping Asgardians as they did in the days of old.

    Well, that caused a conflict that saw Asgard reduced to rubble. How do you think Thor felt about that? Shortly thereafter, Thor would take control of Earth by force, take the Enchantress as his queen, and make Loki the Sorcerer Supreme. Eventually, after slaying Balder, Captain America, Wolverine, Doctor Strange, the Hulk, and the Thing as they stood up to his malicious reign, Lord Thor realized the error of his ways. He traveled back in time to prevent this timeline from ever playing out, erasing all his questionable actions. Doing away with those six heroes one after the other shows just how strong he was with all that rage bottled up inside, though.

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