Anime Underground The Most Powerful Weapons In Anime, Ranked By Destructive Force  

Anna Lindwasser
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When it comes to the ultimate weaponry, sheer destructive power is always required. The strongest anime weapons pack enough power to not only defeat enemies with ease, but potentially destroy everything around them – including those wielding them.

Some weapons, like the Bustermarm of Fairy Tail, are impossibly big and can cut through anything. Others, like the Punisher from Trigun, pack incredible fire power. There there are weapons like Ea from the Fate series, which literally created, and can destroy, the Earth itself. If you ever find yourself facing a weapon like these, you'd better hope your opponent doesn't know how to use it.

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The Silence Glaive - 'Sailor Moon Crystal'

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The Silence Glaive is the only weapon used by Sailor Saturn. Its abilities include force fields, creating blasts and destroying entire planets. This weapon causes worldwide earthquakes, massive gusts of wind, and ultimate destruction. 

When Pharaoh 90 tries to absorb planet Earth, Sailor Saturn silently swings the glaive down to the ground, obliterating Pharaoh and Earth.

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Murasame - 'Akame ga Kill!'

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Few weapons match the formidable powers of the Murasame. The blade carries a poisonous curse that stops a person's heart seconds after entering the body. With no antidote for the poison, the only way to survive an attack requires amputating the afflicted body part before the curse reaches the heart.

Murasame also possesses a trump card called Little War Horn, which activates when the user cuts themselves with the Murasame and successfully resists the poison. This offers a short burst of power, but in exchange the user experiences permanent chronic pain that remains even after the Murasame is destroyed.

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Ea, Sword Of Rupture - 'Fate'

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Though technically a sword, Ea boasts more powers than merely the ability to slice and dice. Ea cannot be replicated, because it's made of materials that are not of this world. Powerful enough to destroy the entire planet, Ea actually created the world by cleaving it away from the heavens.

Not only does it have these incredible primordial abilities, it holds knowledge of fundamental truths about the universe. Only one person, Gilgamesh, can truly wield this incredible sword. 

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Tessaiga - 'Inuyasha'

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If you declare everlasting hatred for your brother over a sword, it had better be a pretty incredible sword. The Tessaiga, also known as the Iron-Crushing Fang, was forged using Sesshomaru and Inuyasha's father's own fangs as material. This sword, capable of killing 100 yōkai (demons) with one strike, appears to have a mind of its own, telling its wielder when to attack a target.

This incredible weapon is actually only half of a sword – its mate is the Tenseiga, which can conversely bring back 100 lives – arguably, an equally powerful ability. Inuyasha and Sesshōmaru's father divided up the blade and gave one to each son, hoping to teach each of them a specific lesson by its use.

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