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The 20 Most Powerful Bleach Villains, Ranked

November 3, 2020 2.1k votes 284 voters 9.7k views20 items

Bleach is one of the most beloved shonen anime in history. Part of that is because of its wide range of dangerous and powerful villains.

Who are the strongest Bleach villains? If you've only seen the anime, you'll probably point to Sousuke Aizen, who betrayed Soul Society in one of the most dramatic coups in anime history. But as powerful as Aizen might be, he's nothing compared to Ywach, the ultimate villain of the series who appears only in the manga. Those two aren't the only strong villains - Aizen's Espada is almost universally terrifying.

Vote up the Bleach villains who put up an incredible fight, and vote down those who are easily defeated. 

  • Sōsuke Aizen is the biggest-name villain to appear in the anime so far. He's certainly strong enough for that designation. He possesses a brilliant, strategic mind, but it's not just smarts keeping him going - he also has a wide range of powers that include teleportation, sensory manipulation, regeneration, and the ability to straight up punch you into next week.

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    As the son of the Soul King, the father of all Quincy, and the Emperor of Wandenreich, Yhwach is undoubtedly one of the most powerful villains in the series. His most noteworthy ability allows him to absorb the powers of other Quincy, and use them for himself. 

  • Ulquiorra Cifer might be ranked Fourth in the Espada, but he's still terrifyingly strong. After achieving his final form, he was able to take Ichigo's life by launching Cero (concentrated spiritual energy) into his chest. But the only reason Ichigo made it out of that particular battle was that Ichigo managed to revive into a new Hollow form after hearing Orihime call out to him. Otherwise, Ulquiorra would have almost certainly proved victorious. 

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    Gerrard Valkyrie

    Gerrard Valkyrie was a Quincy and one of Ywach's most powerful underlings. Thanks to healing powers that are so powerful that he can reform his body after being sliced in half, he can't be defeated by the heroes. Instead, he meets his end when Ywach decides he wants his Quincy powers for himself.