The 12 Most Powerful Comic Book Movie Teachers And Mentors

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Unambiguously powerful and infinitely wise, teachers in comic books come in all shapes and sizes. Honestly, they tend to have too much power, and that's why they're - mostly - destined to perish at some point. Mentor figures in Marvel Comics have it no better than the teachers of the DCEU. They show up, they pass on their powers and knowledge, and then they hit the proverbial road. 

Who's the most powerful, though? If Odin had to take on the Ancient One, or Splinter went toe-to-paw with Henri Ducard, who would come out on top? These people spent their lifetimes training others - but how would they themselves fare against others on their level? 

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    Professor X
    Photo: X-Men / 20th Century Fox

    What Did He Teach: Professor Xavier gathered mutants from all over the world and trained them to control their powers.

    What Was His Teaching Style: The older Professor X was a kind and loving teacher. Basically, the grandpa anyone would want. He was the leader of his school, but he also taught classes himself. Throughout his life, young or old, regardless of the timeline, he believed in pushing his pupils past their self-imposed limits. He was never afraid of any of them, as he always trusted them to make the right decisions. 

    Greatest Lesson: The X-Men films focused on two versions of Professor X: a younger version played by James McAvoy, and an older version played by Patrick Stewart. The greatest lesson Professor X ever gave was quite possibly the one his older self gave to his younger self. He reminded himself that a person is not lost just because they stumble. He told himself to never give up hope - that even though pain is frightening, it would make him stronger. This pep talk allowed the professor to come into his own and lead countless other mutants throughout his life. 

    Grading Style: The Professor would be hard on his students, but the key difference between his teaching and that of other private institutions would be that it would be impossible to flunk out. No matter what, the professor would never give up hope in his students. 

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    Ancient One
    Photo: Doctor Strange / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    What Did She Teach: She taught magic to worthy students who survived the trip to Kamar-Taj. 

    What Was Her Teaching Style: Like the principal of a school, she tended to delegate lessons to other teachers. However, she did get more hands-on with students who needed it. To teach Stephen Strange how to surrender, she brought him to Mount Everest and left him there, telling him that his body would likely go into shock within minutes. Her method worked, and the stress from the situation led him to finally surrender, and he was able to teleport back to the Kamar-Taj. 

    Greatest Lesson: Moments before her end, the Ancient One was able to have one final astral-projected conversation with Doctor Strange. She told him that his arrogance and fear kept him from "learning the simplest and most significant lesson of all. That lesson? That it's not about you."

    Grading Style: All students would be graded according to their own needs.

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    Photo: Wonder Woman / Warner Bros. Pictures

    What Did She Teach: Antiope was the general of the Amazons and personal trainer and mentor of Diana - AKA Wonder Woman. 

    What Was Her Teaching Style: As a general, Antiope was an intense trainer. She wasn't afraid to bring the intensity, whether yelling at Diana or throwing her to the ground in a skirmish. She pushed Diana hard in training, which was understandable considering she was under orders from the queen to train Diana five times harder than any Amazon that had come before her. 

    Greatest Lesson: Antiope actively disobeyed her queen in training Diana. This gave Diana the courage and strength to later disagree with the Amazons and think for herself, saving countless lives because of it. 

    Grading Style: Everyone in the class is graded normally, except Diana, who needs to stay late and retake the test even though she got a perfect score. 

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    Photo: Thor / Paramount Pictures

    What Did He Teach: Odin raised and trained his three children to become gods, to varying degrees of success. 

    What Was His Teaching Style: Odin wasn't shown doing much teaching throughout the MCU. Instead, the films mostly focused on him feeling remorse for a lifetime spent failing at raising his children. Odin raised his daughter Hela to be a warlord, but then decided peace was the best method. Thor, his second-born, was meant to be his great successor, but it seems as if he was a bit too lax in raising him, as he grew up brash and arrogant. Although he truly did love Loki, his preference for his natural-born son made the trickster god grow up resentful.

    Greatest Lesson: Before he passed, he gave one final speech to his children. He told them they were his sons and he loved them, and more importantly, that they would have to work together to fight what was coming for them. 

    Grading Style: His favorite students would receive nothing but As and encouragement. His least favorite students would be left to do their own thing. Occasionally, students would do exactly what he asked, but he would change his mind and flunk them anyway.