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The 15 Most Powerful Jedi In 'Star Wars'

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The title of “Most Powerful Jedi” isn’t handed out lightly. Throughout the thousands of years of Star Wars canon, there have been countless Jedi who have performed incredible feats of nobility and strength. What criteria should even decide who is the most powerful Jedi ever? There are Jedi like Yoda who have had hundreds of years to train, and others like Anakin who bring with them an incredibly powerful connection to the Force. There are Jedi who have taken down extremely threatening Sith Lords, and others who use the Force in new and interesting ways.

The three Star Wars trilogies all have strong contenders for the most powerful Jedi of all time. Could it be Anakin, who brought down the Jedi Order? Or maybe Luke, who tried to bring balance to the Force? Or possibly Rey, who actually brought balance to the Force? Once and for all, here are the most powerful Jedi, ranked.