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The Most Powerful Hydra Members In Marvel Comics

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"Hail Hydra!" Every MCU fan knows the phrase - but how well do they know the most evil Marvel Hydra members? While the evil organization has provided plenty of faceless cannon fodder for the Avengers to beat up, Hydra has successfully sown chaos throughout the Marvel universe since the mid-1960s. With more than 50 years in the world-conquering business, Hydra has seen some notable names pass through its ranks over the years.

We're talking Wolfgang von Strucker. We're talking Red Skull. We're talking Madame Hydra. We're talking the Hydra Captain America (ducks for cover). Get ready to cut off a head so two more can take its place as we go through the most powerful Hydra members in the history of Marvel Comics.

  • Wolfgang von Strucker is no joke. This Marvel mainstay has appeared in dozens of comics over the years and rose to become of the most prominent members of Hydra since debuting in the 1960s. In addition to being an expert fighter and master tactician, Strucker was infected with the Deathspore Virus, which gifted him all manner of superhuman abilities.

    If he wasn't so full of himself - to the point of massively underestimating opponents on a regular basis - Strucker could go toe-to-toe with Captain America on the battlefield or spar from afar with Nick Fury.

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    Madame Hydra

    Numerous women have worn the mantle of Madame Hydra throughout the years in Marvel Comics. Ophelia Sarkissian is probably the most notable, but she has moved on to the codename of "Viper" after breaking off from the evil org. Valentina Allegra de Fontaine took on the name in the late 2000s, only to betray Hydra in the end.

    The most recent Madame Hydra was Elisa Sinclair, who was created by Kobik for her alternate timeline of Earth-61311 during the lead-up to 2017's major event, Secret Empire. Whoever holds the title of Madame Hydra at any point in time wields a serious amount of clout in Hydra's org chart.

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  • Johann Shmidt, AKA the Red Skull, is Captain America's main adversary and a recurring villain throughout hundreds of issues in various Marvel comic books. This former Third Reich leader made himself essentially immortal through mind transference from body to body.

    Each time his physical body perishes, he ends up finding his way into another one through various means. He is an evil genius who will, ostensibly, never go away.

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    Much like Madame Hydra, the mantle of Kraken has been passed to multiple villains in the pages of Marvel Comics. The two most important were the original, Daniel Whitehall, who was disposed of and replaced by Jacob Fury (yes, Nick Fury's brother) to infiltrate Hydra command.

    The most notable thing about Kraken is the Kraken armor that enhances its users' strength and durability while granting teleportation and energy projection powers.

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