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The Most Powerful Movie Teachers And Mentors

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The best movie mentors are typically wise, mysterious, and moments away from perishing, yet can still kick incredible amounts of butt. Whether it's Yoda stepping in to confront Count Dooku or Professor McGonagall finally deciding enough is enough, when these characters enter the fray, everyone stops and pays attention. Not only are they great teachers, but they've also still got it. 

The best movie mentors are also interesting, quirky characters. In other words, the audience is thinking about them after the film. The lessons they teach are often the only reason the hero achieves victory. So at the end of the day, aren't teachers the real heroes? 

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    Photo: The Sword and the Stone / Buena Vista Distribution

    What He Taught: He tutored a boy named Arthur in all manner of studies, including reading and writing, magic, and snippets of futuristic wisdom. 

    Teaching Style: Merlin's teaching style can best be described as erratic. He was so much smarter than everyone around him that it was hard for him to dumb down his knowledge for others to understand. After he started explaining futuristic concepts to Arthur, his talking owl took over the day-to-day tutoring and helped the boy learn his ABCs. 

    Greatest Lesson: After Arthur accidentally broke a squirrel's heart, Merlin had to have a conversation with the boy about love. He explained that, in its own way, love was the greatest force on Earth

    Grading Style: He would explain all of the different possible ways people will grade in the future, then forget to actually do any grading.

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  • Photo: Star Wars: The Last Jedi / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    What He Taught: Gave up his self-imposed isolation to train Rey in the ways of the Jedi. 

    Teaching Style: Luke Skywalker was notably angry and regretful while training Rey. This made him incredibly cynical throughout the process, and he wasn't above messing with the young Jedi. For example, when he told Rey to reach out with the Force, and she responded by physically reaching out her hand, he tickled it with a leaf

    Greatest Lesson: Luke's greatest lesson to Rey wasn't imparted until after his passing. He appeared to her as a Force ghost and admitted his greatest failure was giving in to his fear. He warned Rey not to make the same mistake. Even though she was a Palpatine, there was no reason to be afraid of herself, and confronting that fear was her destiny

    Grading Style: The opposite of whatever they did at the Jedi Temple. 

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  • Photo: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace / 20th Century Fox

    What He Taught: He trained an apprentice in the ways of the Jedi. 

    Teaching Style: Qui-Gon Jinn didn't always behave like other Jedi, making his decisions something of a mystery to those around him, including his Padawan Obi-Wan. Sometimes, he would give Obi-Wan traditional lessons (albeit during intense missions) where he told him cliches about living in the moment. Other times, Obi-Wan would have to decipher his own lessons while watching his master defy the Jedi Council. 

    Greatest Lesson: Qui-Gon Jinn's greatest lesson to Obi-Wan took place through his actions. He believed so strongly in following the Force and carving his own path that he even refused a seat on the Jedi Council. When he found Anakin Skywalker, he knew that training him was the right decision, even if the rest of the council went against him. This conviction led Obi-Wan to take up the cause and train Anakin himself. 

    Grading Style: Not overly concerned with the regulations of others. 

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  • Photo: Batman Begins / Warner Bros. Pictures

    What He Taught: Train a league of assassins, whose membership included Bruce Wayne, to purify the world from wrongdoing. 

    Teaching Style: Imagine a principal masquerading as the football team captain, and that's what Henri Ducard did. This method allowed him to become a friend of Bruce Wayne's, as well as a mentor, whereas his position as leader of the league would have most likely put up a barrier between them. Ducard was simultaneously intense and caring. He attempted to help Wayne resolve his guilt while redirecting his anger. 

    Greatest Lesson: Ducard understood Wayne's pain in a way no one else did, and taught him he was not responsible for his parents' demise. He also taught Bruce that his anger gave him power, but "if you let it, it will destroy you." 

    Grading Style: Regular grading scale, but he would have plenty of office hours to personally tutor students. If you cheat, however, you do not live. 

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