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The Most Powerful Comic Book Characters From Outside The DC And Marvel Universes

September 22, 2020 6k votes 1.2k voters 146k views24 items

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It's time to decide once and for all who the most powerful comic character is - outside of the big two comic companies, that is. We've talked enough about DC and Marvel; now it's time to grab a cup of cold brew, put a record on, and toss on your favorite cardigan because we're getting indie. 

This list is full of Superman knock-offs and godlike beings alike. It details comic book characters you've heard of, ones you haven't, and ones you've heard of but maybe didn't realize how powerful they actually are. The only thing these people have in common is how ridiculously overpowered their abilities make them. 

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    Spawn is the name of a particular Hellspawn, or lieutenant of Hell's army, gifted with immense power by the demon Malebolgia.

    For the first 100 or so issues of Spawn, Al Simmons is the titular anti-hero. While his power does slowly run out whenever he uses it outside of Hell, his abilities run the gamut from the mundane to the miraculous. He gets Hell's standard-issue sentient uniform with living chains, as well as energy blasts, the ability to change his appearance, and teleport, but he can also do things like summon vermin, heal from pretty much any physical injury, and cure cancer. Honestly, his full powers are too vast to list here.

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    Max Faraday

    Photo: WildStorm

    Once a pizza boy, now a god, Max Faraday is a Jim Lee creation for WildStorm that can create and manipulate reality with his thoughts.

    Thanks to the power of the "creation equation," Faraday has control over "space, time, and everything in it."

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    Did someone say all the powers of Superman? Well then, don't count out Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman's side project: Invincible.

    Mark Grayson has flown into a star, survived multiple battles against monsters, dimension-hopping villains, and even heavyweight matches against his father's warrior race, the Viltrumites. Having the ability to heal from pretty much any injury - even when your guts are mostly on the outside of your body - is pretty handy.

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  • Unlike the '90s film starring comedian Jim Carry, Dark Horse's Mask is not only more powerful but also significantly more villainous. 

    While The Mask grants its wearer incredible, reality-warping powers, it more often than not eliminates all self-control. No matter how innocent the wearer's intentions, eventually they become an agent of absolute chaos.

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