The Most Powerful People on Twitter

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Who are the most powerful people on Twitter? Let's be clear: Having millions of followers, just because you are super-famous, does not necessarily mean you are all-powerful. And yes, Rupert Murdoch, who just joined Twitter recently, makes the list. Let's review: Being pop**ar (having lots of Twitter followers) means very little unless you can actually influence these followers to do something. Who do you believe rates the highest when it comes to having the most Twitter influence? Time to vote: Your votes will decide the rankings of this list. If you think that someone doesn't deserve a place, that they are not powerful at all, vote them down.

Some of the most influential people on Twitter might not have the most followers. Still, there's no denying that some celebrities are, indeed, worthy of a spot on this list. They tweet something, and their millions of followers take note instantly and take action. These celebs, like Oprah Winfrey and Simon Cowell, use Twitter to further their own entrepreneurial interests. Each one of the people on this list are in some way powerful in their industry, whether it's entertainment, sports, technology, politics or religion. Somehow, all of the powerful Twitter users on this list have found a way to influence the masses in 140 characters or less.

One thing to note: I've tried to only include people on this list who actually run their own accounts, for the most part. While the Barack Obama Twitter account, for example, has millions of followers, the President himself doesn't personally tweet (that we know of, and I suspect we'd definitely know if Obama had a personal Twitter account). Obama aside, plenty of politicians and world figures do run their own Twitter accounts, tweeting happenings in their areas regularly (Cory Booker, Newark's mayor, is a great example).
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