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The Most Powerful Villains In 'Spider-Man' Movies

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No one does costumed conflict quite like Spider-Man and his spectacular foes. With the possible exception of DC's Dark Knight, no comic book hero has a stronger rogues' gallery than Spidey, a character who's starred in more than a half-dozen solo films and still hasn't had all of his prominent villains make it to the big screen. There are simply too many iconic baddies out there who primarily want a piece of the wallcrawler.

Of course, those Spidey villains who have made it to Hollywood are clearly the cream of the crop, and worthy of being celebrated as their own distinguished cohort. The challenges they've put Peter Parker through have helped define his heroism for multiple generations and have given audiences some of the most memorable interactions to ever grace the silver screen - even if, in the end, they always come up short of the webslinger.

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