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The Most Powerful Agents In The Sports World

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Most of what people know about sports agencies and agents comes from Jerry Maguire, but the real world of the top sports agents in the game is full of high-pressure deals and big-money negotionations. The most powerful sports agents are always out there, wheeling and dealing and getting the best contracts for their clients.

The success of a sports agent can be measured in dollar signs, and no matter the sport, from baseball to football and basketball to soccer, every agent's top goal is to get his clients the most money possible. Scott Boras is one of the most famous agents out there, getting his top-tier baseball clients huge megadeals and lengthy contracts, all of which have made Boras and the players he represents very rich. Rap mogul and entrepreneur Jay-Z has made his Roc Nation Sports into a top agency, as well, doing nearly $1 billion in deals.

So check out this list of the most powerful sports agents in the world, and vote up the one you would want to have making your deals for you. Who is the best agent for an athlete to have in his corner?

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