The Most Powerful 'Star Trek' Characters

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When one thinks of Star Trek, one thinks of the noble human and alien characters who populate Starfleet, or the nefarious mortal villains like Khan, Kruge, and Nero. But one of the most enduring elements of Star Trek lore is the recurring theme of how power affects the personality. Trek history is filled with characters who possess immense strength, that are capable of bending time and space itself, and see humanity as mere playthings in the miasma of galactic chaos. Beings like Trelane, Q, the Prophets, and the Traveler consider humanity a fascinating science project or, at worst, an active nuisance. Some beings, like the Organians, try to use their immense power to prevent bloodshed, while others are far more capricious and irresponsible. With all those incredibly powerful characters inhabiting the Trek universe, one must ask: who is the most powerful Star Trek character?

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  • Q
    Photo: Star Trek: The Next Generation / CBS Television Distribution
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    First Appearance: The Next Generation, Season 1, Episode 1 - "Encounter at Farpoint"

    Powers & Abilities: Complete mastery of time and space

    Most Omnipotent Act: Where to begin? Q is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful entities in the Star Trek universe (although his membership in the so-called Q Continuum implies that there are others like him). He is, as he so often will remind you, omnipotent. There seems no limit to his power, though he did have his abilities stripped by the Continuum in the TNG episode "Deja Q." Q takes great delight in testing the morality of humanity, specifically the crew of the Enterprise-D. From creating universe-threatening anomalies, trapping the ship in an energy field, and tempting crew members with membership in the Continuum, Q would do anything to prove his point that humanity is a "dangerous, savage child-race." Perhaps his most notable, dangerous act was instantly transporting the Enterprise-D into the Delta Quadrant and introducing them to their most lethal enemy: the Borg. Yet Q isn't all bad, and he takes an almost paternal interest in the moral development of Jean-Luc Picard.

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  • Kevin Uxbridge
    Photo: Star Trek: The Next Generation / CBS Television Distribution
    122 VOTES

    Kevin Uxbridge

    First Appearance: The Next Generation, Season 3, Episode 3 - "The Survivors"

    Powers & Abilities: Immortality, psychic powers

    Most Omnipotent Act: A member of the formidable Douwd species chose to live among humans under the false identity of "Kevin Uxbridge." As Uxbridge, the Douwd creature moved to Earth, married a human woman named Rishon, and finally settled on the Federation colony Rana IV. When Rana IV was ransacked by the belligerent Husnock species, Uxbridge could do nothing, owing to the code of the Douwd that states they cannot take a life under any circumstances. Sadly, Rishon perished, and a vengeful Uxbridge wiped out the entire Husnock species with a simple thought. Overcome with guilt and shame, Uxbridge created a copy of his wife and decided to stay on Rana IV for eternity. When Uxbridge revealed his transgression to the crew of the Enterprise-D, a horrified Picard decided humanity was incapable of judging him for the incaluable losses created by his hand. Picard left Uxbridge on Rana IV, content to allow him to live forever with his shame.

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  • Trefayne
    Photo: Star Trek: The Original Series / NBC
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    First Appearance: The Original Series, Season 1, Episode 27 - "Errand of Mercy"

    Powers & Abilities: Exists as a being of pure energy, can take human form when necessary, can instantly render an entire space fleet's weapon controls too hot to touch

    Most Omnipotent Act: Trefayne and the seemingly simple, agrarian Organians brought calm to the Alpha Quadrant at a truly perilous time. With the Klingons and the Federation on the brink of open conflict, the Organians — in reality, a highly evolved species patiently observing the lesser creatures of the galaxy — adopted a treaty that would allow the two sides to coexist peacefully and eventually even become friends. As such, the Organians' greatest power was their ability to help create the framework for peace.

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  • The Prophets
    Photo: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine / CBS Television Distribution
    93 VOTES

    The Prophets

    First Appearance: Deep Space Nine, Season 1, Episode 1 - "Emissary"

    Powers & Abilities: Existing outside of space and time, telepathy

    Most Omnipotent Act: The Prophets are the basis for the Bajoran religion — beings of pure energy that live inside the wormhole that connects the Alpha Quadrant with the Gamma Quadrant. They are opposed by the Pah Wraiths — Prophets that have been corrupted by evil. The conflict between these two factions threatens to consume Bajor, with Benjamin Sisko in the middle. He acts as the Emissary of the Prophets because, unbeknownst to him, he is the product of a relationship between a human male and a Prophet. It's his destiny to bring an end to that conflict. After helping to end the engagement between the Federation and the Dominion, then thwarting the Pah Wraiths, Sisko returned to the wormhole to take his place with his people.

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  • Trelane
    Photo: Star Trek: The Original Series / NBC
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    First Appearance: The Original Series, Season 1, Episode 19 - "The Squire of Gothos"

    Powers & Abilities: Can turn matter into energy and back to matter again

    Most Omnipotent Act: Luring the Enterprise to his personal playground, the previously unknown planet of Gothos, Trelane subjects Kirk and his crew to various games, many of which are highly dangerous. Kirk comes to discover that Trelane is simply the petulant child of a powerful, mysterious race of aliens. Trelane's parents punish him for using his powers to torment the Enterprise. Unlike many other beings on this list, Trelane used his powers exclusively to entertain himself. He sees humans as almost like pets rather than antagonists, although he looks set to do some real harm before his parents step in.

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  • Charlie Evans
    Photo: Star Trek: The Original Series / NBC
    67 VOTES

    Charlie Evans

    First Appearance: The Original Series, Season 1, Episode 8 - "Charlie X"

    Powers & Abilities: Can read minds, can destroy a distant spacecraft with his mind, can transmute matter, can "disappear" people, can operate a starship all by himself

    Most Omnipotent Act: Charlie Evans is a teenager who grew up alone on a remote planet after a spaceship crash stranded him there. The powerful inhabitants of that world, called Thasians, taught him their matter-transmutation skills to help him survive. But as Charlie grew up, his emotional development didn't keep pace with his powers. By the time he finds himself on board the Enterprise, his short temper and his unrequited love for Yeoman Janice Rand begin to endanger the whole ship. At the peak of his powers, Charlie is able to run the Enterprise just with his mind, and to inflict horrible punishments on those who anger him - including turning one woman into a lizard, and removing another one's face. It turns out the only beings he fears are his Thasian foster parents, who are even more powerful than he.

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