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The Most Powerful Starfighters In The 'Star Wars' Universe

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X-wing pilots are some of the most heralded and revered starship fliers across the entire galaxy. Their ranks include famed pilots like Luke Skywalker and Poe Dameron, and they were integral in winning one of the most impressive battles of all time - the Battle of Yavin. But is the X-wing really the most powerful mid-sized ship in Star Wars

The strongest Star Wars ships are, in all honesty, most likely the fearsome Star Destroyers. But, for the purpose of this argument, only mid-sized ships are eligible for the discussion. So, anything from a TIE fighter to the Millennium Falcon is fair game. 

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    Photo: Star Wars: A New Hope / 20th Century Fox

    Who Flies It: The X-wing fighter is known across the galaxy as the starship of choice for the Rebel Alliance. Seen throughout the original trilogy, the most famous of the X-wing pilots is none other than Luke Skywalker. Luke Skywalker was piloting one of these ships when he fired the shot that blew up the original Death Star. 

    Strengths: The X-wing is ideal for dogfighting. It's capable of firing blasts from its laser cannons, as well as shooting proton torpedoes. Even though it's a small ship built for dogfighting, it's equipped with hyperdrive capabilities, unlike the cheaper TIE fighters. 

    Weaknesses: The X-wing is more durable than a TIE fighter but less maneuverable and not quite as fast. 

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    Millennium Falcon

    Photo: Star Wars: A New Hope / 20th Century Fox

    Who Flies It: The Millennium Falcon is the most famous hunk o' junk in the galaxy. Originally flown by Lando Calrissian, it gained notoriety in the hands of Han Solo and his hairy co-pilot Chewbacca. The Falcon played a key role in the destruction of both the first and second Death Star. 

    Strengths: As a smuggling ship, the Falcon features plenty of compartments to hide whatever illicit goods its owners might want to clandestinely transport across the galaxy. Han Solo likes to brag that it's the fastest ship in the galaxy and that it completed the Kessel run in 10 parsecs. As savvy fans know, parsecs are units of measurement, and the special thing about the Falcon isn't its speed (though it is equipped with a faster than normal hyperdrive) - it's its navigational computer. The Millennium Falcon may be huge, but it can hold its own in a dogfight, as well. The turret system requires a second person to operate, but it does allow for 360 degrees of damage. 

    Weaknesses: Although the Millennium Falcon is typically piloted by expert fliers, its weaknesses are rarely shown. It is a lumbering hunk of junk with a lot of surface area to hit. It's also chock-full of after-market modifications, and these modifications have a tendency to completely fail at inopportune moments. 

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    Slave I

    Photo: Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back / 20th Century Fox

    Who Flies It: The Slave I was flown by Jango Fett before being passed down to his son, Boba. Basically, for decades, the arrival of the Slave I into a planet's atmosphere has meant someone is about to be hunted by one of the greatest bounty hunters in the galaxy. 

    Strengths: The Slave I is basically the starship equivalent of the Fett family's own Mandalorian armor. It's incredibly durable, highly modified, and filled with various weapons (both hidden and otherwise). An interesting feature of the Slave I is its cockpit-gyro system that allows the pilot to stay upright regardless of the ship's rotation. 

    Weaknesses: The Slave I is a great all-purpose vehicle, similar to the Millennium Falcon, but it's not as capable in a dogfighting scenario as specific fighter ships like the X-wing or TIE fighter. 

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    Darth Vader's TIE Advanced Fighters

    Photo: Star Wars: A New Hope / 20th Century Fox

    Who Flies It: Sometimes, a legion of Stormtroopers just aren't able to get the job done on their own, and Darth Vader decides that he needs to get his hands dirty. In those rare instances, the Dark Lord of the Sith breaks out his TIE Advanced fighter, a suped-up variant of the Empire's typical TIE fighters. 

    Strengths: Unlike the TIE fighters flown by the more dispensable Stormtroopers, Vader's TIE fighter is equipped with shields, a life support system, and a hyperdrive. 

    Weaknesses: Thanks to its modifications, the TIE Advanced is not as quick or maneuverable as the standard TIE. This (alongside the obvious need to protect Vader) is why the TIE Advanced is always seen alongside an escort of two standard TIE fighters. These normal TIEs may be required to help shake off an X-wing or two. 

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