The Most Powerful Women Of All Time

This is a list of the most powerful women of all time, as ranked by experts and by fans alike.

From world leaders to celebrities to corporate head honchos to media moguls, these notable women have had what it takes to run the world - and the universe. Many of the women on this list are famous politicians who broke through Washington's - or their respective capital's - glass ceiling and are now leading the charge to change our blue planet for the better. Some of the ladies are famous celebrities who use lend their names to worthy causes and charities, helping those who are less fortunate.  Many of these women have been said to have ties to or are members of the Illuminati.

What is a sad reality, though, is that many of these top women have had to face some form of gender-based discrimination. Why was it that it wasn't until 2007 that The United States House of Representatives picked its first female Speaker? Why is it that folks still debate whether or not comedians like Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are funny? There is no other reason other than men being unimaginative and very obtuse.

Every single female on this list has accomplished something that very few people - man or woman - have done with their lives, which is leave their personal mark on the world. Women, like German Prime Minister Angela Merkel and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, are, of course, a given. But we shouldn't dismiss girls like supermodel Kate Upton. Her very presence can control men's minds - which can be a very positive thing.

Please vote for and rank the list of the most influential and powerful woman in the world. And if you don't see your favorite lady of note, feel free to add her to the list so that other readers could vote for her.

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