The Most Pretentious TV Shows Of All Time

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Vote up the series that tried to be groundbreaking in their form or message, but in a self-indulgent way that makes you roll your eyes.

When it comes to the most pretentious TV shows of all time, things tend to get tricky due to the subjective nature of the question. How exactly does one define what some might call a pretentious TV series (or pretentious film), after all? For the purposes of this particular list, one might consider a TV show in question to fit the bill if it accidentally comes across as condescending, preachy, not as earth shattering as it thought it'd be, and/or amassed a following largely consisting of a hipster population. 

Here you'll find a collection of shows that some might just peg under the title of pretentious television. Whether they tend to be shows for TV snobs, hipster television series, or ultimately proved to miss the mark, it's up to you to decide which of these shall inherit the not-so-coveted title of the most pretentious TV shows of all time.

Take your revenge by voting up the most self-indulgent shows and feel free to add any of your own that you feel belong on the list.

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