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The Most Psychedelic People Ever

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List RulesFamous people whose creative work and/or personality have been influenced by altered states of reality - either through psychedelic drug use or their sheer will to be a weirdo.

When you hear the word "psychedelic," a whole myriad of images comes to mind, whether you've personally done them or not. (Why of course you haven't, they're illegal!) Maybe you think of certain colors, fractals, breathing patterns, emotions, or concepts. However, you probably also think of some pretty trippy celebrities - as there are more than a few psychedelic famous people out there.

Maybe these people were outspoken advocates for psychedelics back in psychedelia's heyday. Maybe they're present day celebrities who mention trips and mind expansion in their comedy or writing. Perhaps their music has huge psychedelic influences. Or craziest of all, maybe they played a full game of baseball and managed to pitch a no-hitter!

These are the most psychedelic people ever. Vote up the trippy celebrities and famous hippies who do psychedelics (or at least seem a little... colorful) below!