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The Most Psychopathic Characters On 'Game Of Thrones'

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List RulesVote up the 'Game of Thrones' characters whose behaviors fit most closely into the clinical definition of psychopathy.

While the labels "psycho" and "psychopath" are often used casually, the reality of psychopathy is anything but lighthearted. As a diagnosable mental disorder, psychopathy has been characterized in numerous fashions over the years. For the most part, however, the term describes a person who lacks the ability to empathize with other members of society. Generally, a psychopath is someone who can neither understand nor comprehend another person's happiness or suffering, which in some cases can lead them to do things most people would consider ethically abbhorent.

When a person exhibits these traits, they may be diagnosed as either a psychopath or sociopath. Many consider these two terms to be relatively interchangeable, though there are diagnosable differences. Out of all the instances in which psychopathic behavior has appeared on television, few shows have portrayed the mental disorder as thoroughly as HBO's Game of Thrones. The show's plethora of characters have exhibited a number of behaviors that set them apart from the society of Westeros, whether through their vicious actions, apathy towards others, or desire for personal power.

The Hare Psychopathy Checklist is often used to determine a subject's likelihood of suffering from psychopathy. Though the checklist isn't entirely reliable, as professionals have contested its validity over the years, it offers a relatively straightforward method for determining possible psychopathy, at least for fictional characters. Because psychopathy can manifest in multiple ways, the characters' exhibitions of psychopathic symptoms vary. Vote up the character who you believe most clearly demonstrates psychopathic tendencies on Game of Thrones

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