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The Most Questionable Parenting Moments Ever Captured On MTV's Teen Mom

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Questionable parenting moments are a common occurrence on Teen Mom, one of the best MTV original shows. While many of the mothers do a great job raising their kids at a young age, there are generally more cringe-inducing and terrible Teen Mom moments than heartwarming ones. Part of the appeal of the show is hate-watching garbage people clumsily navigate parenthood. 

From irresponsible driving to letting children play in unsanitary areas, these Teen Mom parenting fails will leave you flabbergasted and stunned. While it's difficult to be a parent, some negligent behaviors and plain ignorance are simply inexcusable. Bad parenting moments on Teen Mom may leave you grateful for your own childhood. Check out the worst instances of terrible parenting on the show below. 

  • Tyler And Catelynn Baltierra Clash With Adoptive Parents

    Tyler And Catelynn Baltierra Clash With Adoptive Parents
    Video: YouTube

    Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra gave their daughter Carly up for adoptions when they were 16. Since then, their relationship with Carly's birth parents has had its ups and downs. It came to a head when Carly's adoptive parents made it clear to Catelynn and Tyler they did not want Carly mentioned on MTV anymore.

    Catelynn was quick to comply with the request, but Tyler was less cooperative. He said he wanted to continue to share his story and did not want to be silenced. When Catelynn asked him pointblank if that was worth losing contact with Carly, he replied, "Yes. I will not sacrifice my voice." He did not seem particularly concerned about how this decision would impact Catelynn or Carly. 

  • Adam Lind Gets Arrested When He Is Supposed To Watch His Daughter

    Adam Lind Gets Arrested When He Is Supposed To Watch His Daughter
    Video: YouTube

    Teen Mom 2's Adam Lind has racked up numerous arrests for DUIs and reckless driving. He stooped to a new low in this clip, where he was arrested over the weekend he was scheduled to watch his daughter, Aubree. The charges were once again related to reckless driving. He neglected to inform Aubree's mother, Chelsea Houska, of his arrest. Houska feared Aubree may have been in the car with Lind at the time. Given the dangers of driving under the influence, Lind's irresponsible behavior is unacceptable. 

  • Janelle Gets In A Screaming Match In Front Of Her Infant Son

    Janelle Gets In A Screaming Match In Front Of Her Infant Son
    Video: YouTube

    Janelle Evans, who is no stranger to controversy, flips out in this clip when her then boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, makes her late for an appointment with her lawyer. The two share a son, Kaiser, together. While Janelle's frustration is understandable, her reaction is over the top. She follows Griffith into the house and proceeds to curse him out in front of their infant son. 

  • Kailyn Lowry Lets Son Play In Dog Cage

    Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry came under fire when she let her young son play in a dog crate. Lowry defended herself on Twitter, claiming Isaac was playing and using his imagination. However, many angry viewers worried a dog crate could harbor bacteria harmful to a young child.