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The Most Questionable Parenting Moments Ever Captured On MTV's Teen Mom

Questionable parenting moments are a common occurrence on Teen Mom, one of the best MTV original shows. While many of the mothers do a great job raising their kids at a young age, there are generally more cringe-inducing and terrible Teen Mom moments than heartwarming ones. Part of the appeal of the show is hate-watching garbage people clumsily navigate parenthood. 

From irresponsible driving to letting children play in unsanitary areas, these Teen Mom parenting fails will leave you flabbergasted and stunned. While it's difficult to be a parent, some negligent behaviors and plain ignorance are simply inexcusable. Bad parenting moments on Teen Mom may leave you grateful for your own childhood. Check out the worst instances of terrible parenting on the show below. 

  • Amber Portwood Gets Arrested For Domestic Violence

    Video: YouTube

    This was one of the most infamous moments in Teen Mom history. It led to legal charges and jail time for Amber Portwood. Portwood was caught on camera beating and choking her daughter's father, Gary, during an argument. Portwood was widely scrutinized for the incident and the public outcry got attention from child services. 

    Portwood was eventually charged with three counts of domestic violence and lost custody of her daughter. She was sentenced to five years in prison, but was released early for good behavior. Portwood has gotten herself into rehab and seems to want to turn her life around. For the sake of her daughter, hopefully, her efforts pay off. 

  • Jo Rivera Curses Out Kailyn Lowry In Front Of Their Son

    Video: YouTube

    Kailyn Lowry had some reasonable concerns in this clip about Jo Rivera showing up for events involving their son, Isaac. However, Rivera did not take too kindly to the criticism. Despite the fact his young son was within earshot, he loudly curses out Kailyn and flat out calls her an idiot. That's certainly no way to teach a child respect. 

  • Farrah Abraham Brings Her Mother To Tears In Front Of Her Young Daughter

    Video: YouTube

    Children learn how to treat others through watching their parents and Farrah Abraham sets a terrible example in this clip. While Abraham's relationship with her mother is understandably strained given their tumultuous history, she could use more restraint in front of her elementary-school-aged daughter, Sophia. Abraham brings her mother to tears while lecturing her on how to watch Sophia for the weekend, dropping in the b-word frequently. 

    Sophia seems to have more sense than her own mother. At the end of the confrontation, Sophia tells Abraham she has a bad attitude. Abraham defends herself by telling her daughter she simply wants her taken care of. 

  • Teen Mom Couple Drives Dangerously While Arguing

    Video: YouTube

    Leah Messer's relationship with her ex-fiancé, Jeremy Calvert, has always been tumultuous. The two have a young daughter named Addie. In one episode of Teen Mom 2, Messer and Calvert got into an argument while driving with Addie in the backseat. The pair openly cursed each other out in front of their baby, who cried as a backpack was pressing against her car seat. Even worse? The pair can't see out the rearview window due to objects piled in the backseat.