The Craziest, Most Ridiculous Celebrity Baby Names

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This is a list of the worst celebrity baby names to ever be inked on legal birth certificates. Fame does strange things to people, and these weird celebrity baby names might be a sign that some of these actors, musicians, and socialites have let the money, popularity, and power go to their heads. Most are even repeat offenders, as those celebs who name their kids dumb things often do it to all of their kids. Any publicity is good, right? Unfortunately for Rocket, Camera, Muziq, and Kal-El, the other kids in kindergarten aren't generally impressed by bad baby names.

What are the most ridiculous celebrity baby names? You may think Moxie, Zephyr, and Ocean are cool baby names, and that's fine, just vote down the ones you like and vote up the ones you think are bordering on child abuse. Some of the odd celebrity baby names are long, like Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence Geldof, while others are short, like North West. Check out the funny kid names below, and be sure to vote up the ones you find craziest.

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