The Most Ridiculous UFC Fighter Nicknames

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List includes current and past fighters within the UFC organization who have silly nicknames. Silly is subjective.

The most ridiculous UFC fighter nicknames use terms like "Twinkle Toes," the "Monstah Lobstah" and "The Barn Cat" to describe grown men who make a living from mixed martial arts. These cheesy nicknames for the men of the Ultimate Fighting Championship not only sound incredibly silly but some are the least fierce ways to describe men who could rip your head off before you get done uttering their ridiculous nickname.

It's easy to pick a nickname for a UFC fighter using a play on words with their name, but that does not make the nickname especially awesome. Take "Minecraft," Christian Morecraft, "Pee-Wee," Dave Herman, "Darth," Ryan Bader and "H20Man" Ron Waterman for example. Sure the nicknames make sense with the fighters' names, but they are still on the cheesy side.

Other UFC nicknames straddle the fence between straight up weird and just plain lame. Kristian Rothaermel, aka "The Weather Underground," Marcus Davis, aka "The Irish Hand Grenade," Elvis Sinosic, aka "The King of Rock N Rumble" and even Tito Ortiz, aka "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" fall into that category.

Anyone who watches UFC or other MMA competitions will tell you that these are some of the toughest athletes in all of sports. That however would be the last thing you'd think of simply by hearing their sissy nicknames like "Mr. Wonderful," "The Janitor" and "JLau." Go figure.

What are the best UFC nicknames? Take a look here and see what are the best of the lot.

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