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The 17 Most Utterly Satisfying Anime Deaths Of All Time

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Whenever you start experiencing the sharp pangs of love and hate for characters in an anime, the first question that always comes to mind is: "Who’s going to die?" We’ve all experienced the heartbreaking loss of watching one of our favorite characters get the metaphorical ax, but what about those instances when a character you despise gets exactly what’s coming to them?

Here are some of the most satisfying deaths in anime history. Vote up the very best and, if you think a character’s demise doesn't belong on this list, vote it down and show the world exactly how you feel!

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    Clementine - 'Overlord'

    Clementine - 'Overlord'
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    Clementine is truly a sadistic, self-serving villain with no redeemable qualities. She relished in torturing others, and killed her victims as slowly and painfully as possible. After she kills the Swords of Darkness, Ainz gets his revenge and crushes her to death. Although it was a brutal way to die, Clementine got a taste of her own medicine. 

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  • Zorin Blitz - 'Hellsing'
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    Zorin is a vampire from Hellsing who uses her illusions and a scythe to slay her targets. That said, it was the reckless use of those powers that resulted in her satisfying end.

    Seras was one of Zorin’s victims who was miraculously able to make it out alive after awakening her vampire powers. When she showed up to face Zorin in an intense fight, Kamina bashed Zorin’s face against a wall until there was nothing left.

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    Frieza - 'Dragon Ball Z'

    Frieza is one of the most long-standing villains of the DBZ universe. Both Vegeta and Krillin have perished as a result of their extended rivalry with the alien and he survives for so long, in fact, that he is slain by Future Trunks!

    The most satisfying part is not only his demise at the hands of Vegeta’s son but how easily the young Saiyan is able to do it.

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    Neferpitou - 'Hunter x Hunter'

    Neferpitou - 'Hunter x Hunter'
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    Pretty much all the villains in Hunter x Hunter have committed awful, unforgivable crimes. But if there's one villain that fans hate the most, it's Neferpitou. From probing Pokkle's brain while he's still alive to killing Kite and making his corpse into a puppet, it's safe to say that Neferpitou had it coming. This death is made even more satisfying since it marks the first time viewers see Gon so angry and vengeful.

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