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The Most Satisfying TV Finales That Aired in 2018

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Everyone knows all good things must come to an end, and so is the case for a range of TV shows in 2018. While some shows quietly fade away—ones we probably didn't care about anyway—others finish things off to the ultimate satisfaction of fans. In other words, some TV writers just know how to please their fans, no matter how upset they are about their favorite show ending. So, while plenty of viewers weren't ready to say their final goodbyes, some of the best series finales really closed things up nicely before being put to rest (beware of spoilers).

The most satisfying TV finales are those that tie up loose ends, grant the wishes of thousands of viewers, and ultimately end on a high note. Whether that be a long-awaited love connection or, say, the most-hated character getting theirs, it makes saying goodbye a lot easier. So, which TV finales of 2018 were the most satisfying for you to watch? The Americans, Portlandia, and New Girl, among others, all called it quits in 2018 (in some way or another). And though it's always tough to see a show go, some of these shows left us with plenty to remember. 

Whatever you find most satisfying in a TV series finale, vote up the shows below that you think completely nailed it in their final episodes. You can also vote down any shows you thought may have missed the mark there. Keep in mind, spoilers lurk below, so proceed with caution. When you're done, check out the TV finales of 2019.