The Most Satisfying TV Deaths Of All Time

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Vote up the times TV characters died onscreen and made your day so, so much brighter.

Warning: spoilers and televised violence abound.

TV deaths used to be sad affairs. Shows would promote them as “very special episodes” and warn viewers in advance to stock up on tissues. Now, not so much. Sure, there are still plenty of shocking TV deaths that break fans' hearts. But with villains and antiheroes becoming the norm in today’s entertainment landscape, satisfying TV character deaths are a more common occurrence.

Fans despise dreadful characters and root for their demise for months or even years. When these villains die, they can’t help but cheer. Maybe the character was incredibly annoying. Maybe they were a jerk. Or, when it comes to Game of Thrones deaths, maybe they were so vile that seeing them choke on poison or being devoured by dogs seemed perfectly fitting.

Take a walk down memory lane and remember all the times TV characters died and you felt good. Here are many of the major villain deaths in TV history.

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