Gen Z And Millennials Are Tweeting Their Most Savage Clapbacks To Boomers

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The year of 2019 has birthed the brilliant 'Ok, Boomer' meme and the internet has not held back on their savageness ever since. Millennials and Gen Z have teamed up on Twitter and roasted the Baby Boomers to a crisp. These are our favorite clapbacks to boomers, as provided by the subreddit WhitePeopleTwitter

Photo: Twitter / Reddit

  • 1. We'd Binge Watch That Show

    We'd Binge Watch That Show
    Photo: u/xXStyler / Reddit
    470 votes
  • 2. Funny How That Works

    Funny How That Works
    Photo: @elzachhooper / Twitter
    438 votes
  • 3. The Tables Have Turned

    The Tables Have Turned
    Photo: @2gay2lift / Twitter
    386 votes
  • 4. RIP JCP

    Photo: @jaboukie / Twitter
    379 votes
  • 5. A Wonderfully Accurate Analogy

    A Wonderfully Accurate Analogy
    Photo: @_kylandia / Twitter
    368 votes
  • 6. A Lost Cause

    A Lost Cause
    Photo: @sergetacular / Twitter
    336 votes