Fictional Characters The 13 Most Selfish Anime Characters Of All Time  

Anna Lindwasser
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Some anime characters don't care about anyone but themselves. These selfish individuals might be bullies who refuse to take responsibility for their actions, like Naoka Ueno of A Silent Voice, or violent entities who commit unspeakable acts in pursuit of immortality like Orochimaru from Naruto.

Selfish characters aren't necessarily bad characters—it might not be the most charming trait, but a character doesn't have to be perfect to be interesting. Sometimes it's the flaws that make a character most appealing.

If a favorite character is ousted as self-centered, no worries—it might be that their selfishness is part of what makes them great. On the other hand, sometimes an overbearing egocentric is hard to pardon. 

Griffith is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The 13 Most Selfish Anime Characters Of All Time
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Griffith is arguably one of the most selfish characters in all of anime. In order to obtain incredible power and join the God Hand, Griffith sacrifices his comrades in a bloody massacre, leaving only a few survivors.

Worse, he sexually assaults Casca after gaining the powerful form he desired, forcing her lover, Guts, to watch. It takes more than selfishness to do something that despicable— you also require a lack of concern for others. 

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Makoto Itou – the protagonist of School Days – has a singular goal: to have as much sex as humanly possible.

That alone isn't inherently selfish—there's nothing wrong with an active sex life as long as you're honest about it. The problem is Makoto happily cheats on his girlfriends, and when he gets caught he isn't the least bit sorry.

After an ex informs him she's pregnant, he tells her to get rid of it, not sparing a single thought for his role in the situation or her feelings. No wonder he comes to such a grisly end. 

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Naoka Ueno Blames Others For Her Cruelty In 'A Silent Voice'
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Like the protagonist Shoya Ishida, Naoka Ueno participated in bullying Shoko Nishimiya because she was deaf. While Shoya attempts to own up to his previous behavior, Naoka doesn't.

Instead, she blames Shoko, claiming because she asked people to accommodate her disability, she was being selfish and calling unnecessary attention to herself. What's more, according to Ueno, Shoko was to blame for ostracizing Shoya.

Ueno's shifting of blame to avoid personal responsibility and her willingness to call someone else selfish for requesting reasonable accommodations like writing in a notebook all point to a seriously self-centered personality.

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Orochimaru is one of the most despicable villains in the Naruto universe. It's not so much because of his actions—they're inarguably terrible, but they pale in comparison to, antagonists like Madara, who attempts to restart civilization by murdering everyone on Earth.

No, what makes Orochimaru the worst is his selfishness.

While other villains in Naruto are doing terrible things for what they perceive to be the greater good, Orochimaru's motivation is purely selfish. He's willing to enslave, torture, and kill hundreds of children for the sake of experiments that might make him immortal.

Why does he want to be immortal? So he can learn every jutsu in existence—not so he can use them to help anyone specifically, just to know them. Learning is great and all, but not when you're murdering kids in the pursuit of knowledge.

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