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Brent Sprecher
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Superheroes have always represented the heroic ideal, paragons of honor and virtue who put their incredible talents to use defending the weak and innocent, rather than cashing in for their own benefit. Maybe that's why it's so shocking whenever we see superheroes who are total pervs. Initially aimed solely at school-age children, comic books were later devoured by GI's deployed across the world during WWII. With an older audience came the desire to make comic books more risqué in terms of subject matter. Crime, horror, and sex began to infiltrate comic books, and bondage was actually a common theme in many early Wonder Woman adventures.

Comics became so saturated with adult themes, the Comics Code Authority (CCA) was established in 1954 to protect children from depictions of crime, gore, and sex, requiring mainstream superheroes to be squeaky clean for the next 30 years or so. In the late '80s, Marvel and DC decided they no longer needed to adhere to the CCA, and began pushing the boundaries of acceptable content, bringing graphic depictions of violence and superhero sex back to the medium. Today, pretty much anything goes. Even some of the most popular (and seemingly chaste) characters have been outed as superhero perverts. Still, there is an upper echelon of perversion where only the most freaky comic book characters bump uglies. Here, then, are the most sexually deviant superheroes.

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In the comic book universe of Bomb Queen, the supervillains won. At least, they managed to win one big victory by completely taking over New Port City before they turned on each other, leaving Bomb Queen as the supreme ruler of the city. Under her rule, crime is allowed in various designated zones, so the city has become a haven for violent, sadistic perverts who look to her as a savior of sorts. The government even works with her to an extent, because crime throughout the country continues to drop as the lawless flock to New Port City.

Besides appeasing her "constituents" with the criminal excesses and flourishing economy of New Port City, powered by laundered money and vice, Bomb Queen also keeps them placated with frequent peep shows. She iconstantly falls out of her skimpy outfit, and releases her own porn videos to the masses. Hyper-violent and hyper-sexual, Bomb Queen is easily the most libidinous sociopathic supervillain ever depicted in a mainstream comic book. While technically a villain, Bomb Queen is really an anti-hero, because she's saved the lives of countless New Porters during her various adventures.

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Tarantula Is A "Hero" Who Kills Bad Guys And Rapes Good Guys

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A lesser-known DC Comics character, Catalina Marie Flores is a former FBI agent who took up the mantle of the superhero Tarantula to bring some order to Blüdhaven, a city easily as crime-ridden as Gotham. As Tarantula, Flores meted out justice that was a little more extreme than the typical crimefighter, and this put her at odds with the city's primary defender, Nightwing, who was Batman's first Robin.

Despite Nightwing forbidding her from operating in Blüdhaven and having her arrested for murder, Tarantula had a major crush on him and continually tried to please him. Thinking she could make him happy, Tarantula kills his major nemesis, Blockbuster, in cold blood. Then, she proceeds to force herself on Nightwing's beaten, battered body to rape him. He weakly begs, "Don't touch me!"

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Hank Pym, AKA Ant-Man, had a hard time dealing with his divorce to Janet van Dyne. He even contemplated suicide. Later, when Janet is believed dead, Hank takes the name Wasp and joins the second incarnation of the Mighty Avengers along with Jocasta, an Ultron-created feminine robot imbued with Janet van Dyne's life force. Hank gets a little too Westworld with Jocasta and is caught kissing her by the Avengers' stalwart butler Jarvis. That "relationship" ends when Jocasta marries Ultron as part of a deal to end his battle with the Mighty Avengers.

Later, when it was revealed that Janet was not in fact dead, but merely shunted into a micro-verse, Hank tries to rekindle the romance with his ex-wife by engaging in some super-freaky sex. In Avengers, Vol. 3 #71, Janet is shown writhing in ecstacy as she says, "Hank, please! No... more." You don't see Hank until Janet lifts up the sheet to reveal that he shrunk down to Ant-Man size to do, uh, something to her vagina. The sequence ends with Hank saying, "All right, Jan, your turn." So... what exactly was Hank doing? Was his whole body inside her? Is that fun? Was he just using her labia as a speedbag? Seriously, why was that better? 

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Everyone knows the Hulk, but when they think of him it's about his green skin, fits of rage, unlimited strength, and incredible healing factor. Most people don't know that he has also been gray-skinned, quite cerebral, and something of a horn dog over the years. Having a libido to match his muscles makes sense, considering he was created as a Mr. Hyde-esque examination of a runaway id in superhero form.

Hulk's alter-ego, Bruce Banner, had a long relationship with Betty Ross, whom he eventually married. When Betty (now estranged from Banner) develops superpowers and becomes the scarlet-hued Red She-Hulk, Hulk lets his freak flag fly. In Indestructible Hulk #7.1, Hulk gets drunk and winds up in a physical altercation with Red She-Hulk. Then, after they defeat the villain Orb together, they get naked and have sex right in front Orb!

That's still pretty pedestrian compared to what the Hulk gets up to with his cousin, Jennifer Walters, AKA She-Hulk. In 2000's Incredible Hulk Annual, the Hulk goes on a hormone-induced rampage through Central Park. Vision realizes that Hulk is smashing stuff to impress a suitable mate. When She-Hulk shows up to stop him, she gets the vibe right away and turns him down. His rampage ends, as does the story, but not Hulk's quest to knock boots with his cousin. In the now-classic Old Man Logan miniseries, Hulk and She-Hulk hook up and spawn a whole family of inbred, mutant Hulks.

Other sex-crazy versions of the Hulk include the Ultimate Universe Hulk, who keeps a harem of bikini-clad sex slaves in a hidden mountain palace. There's also the future world-conquering Hulk known as the Maestro, who has a harem containing both men and women on Battleworld.

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