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The 15 Most Shameless Moments That Have Ever Happened On Shameless

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While it often seems like Frank Gallagher and his family are out to be the most loathsome individuals on TV, they do have their charming moments. Even Frank. But there's a reason the show is called Shameless. There are some great moments from Shameless that stand out among the rest, a best-of roundup of awful behavior that leaves viewers' jaws on the floor.

The Gallaghers are the family you love to hate and hate to love, but Shameless is certainly one of the best shows on TV - if you love it as much as we do, you can also check out other shows like Shameless to get obsessed with. The showrunners have tried to spread out the dreadful antics of Frank and co. throughout the series, and, luckily the very best Shameless scenes aren't all front loaded in the first few seasons. And Frank isn't the only offender. Whether it's Fiona cheating on the only nice guy she's ever dated, Carl selling firearms at school to students and teachers, or Debbie stealing strollers to feed her kid, there's plenty to unpack from these dysfunctional Chicago Southsiders.

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    Frank Screws "Butterface" To Death

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    Frank is at his absolute worst (which is probably the worst in human history) when he doesn't tell "Butterface" Dottie that she won the heart transplant lottery. Yes, he lets a heart transplant patient die in the hopes that he's in her will (he isn't). Then, they have one last roll in the hay that ends her life.

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    Frank Calls DFS On Fiona

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    After one too many drunken episodes, the Gallagher kids band together and officially throw Frank out for good. Of course Frank would never just go away quietly, but to call DFS on his own family is low for even him.

    When DFS visits, Mickey shows up shot and bleeding, the makeshift daycare has run amok, and all hell breaks loose. The kids are all then sent to different foster families and group homes.

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    Karen Seduces Frank And Posts The Evidence Online

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    After Karen's father Eddie embarrasses her at the Purity Ball, she hatches a plan to get back at him. That means getting Frank Gallagher drunk(er) and then having sex with him on camera while broadcasting it on her blog called Daddyz Girl.

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    Frank Trades Liam As Collateral To Pay Off A Gambling Debt

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    Frank is always looking for ways to make a quick buck, and making insane bar bets is par for the course. So, it's no surprise that Frank stupidly bets some guy in the bar $10,000 that he can't stay awake after two stuns from a taser gun. Of course Frank loses, and has to come up with the coin in short order.

    Frank uses little Liam as a prop for a panhandling scheme, and ultimately ends up being kidnapped (along with Liam) by the guy he owes money to. The crooks keep Liam as collateral while Frank tries to scrape up the rest of the cash.

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